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XLK Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd was established in 2015 as a specialized human resources and labour relations management company with offices in Midrand, Johannesburg, and in East London. Before forming the company, the founder and current managing executive spent more than three decades working in leadership positions for several local and international listed companies in South Africa. XLK Consulting’s knowledge and experience in human resources and employee relations management are extensive. It derives from both our technical expertise, long-term participation, and presence in the field.

At XLK Consultancy we highly value the important contribution made by small and medium-size organizations towards the development and growth of our economy. We appreciate that this contribution may not be sustainable in the long term without good leadership and management; skilled and motivated people in these organizations. We also understand that, due to the intensity of global competition in the marketplace, these organizations may not always have the time, resources, and expertise to develop and implement effective human resources programs and strategies to ensure that both their management and staff are suitably qualified for the challenges that lie ahead. In this regard, they may have to rely on professional companies like ourselves to provide such services. It is therefore our mission and purpose to fulfill such function, and “become the leading provider of professional human resources services to small and medium size organizations in areas in which we operate.”

 In addition to human resource consulting and advice, we also offer outsourcing services on payroll and employee benefits administration. Our purpose is to provide our clients and customers with services that cover the strategic, managerial, and operational aspects of human resources management.




We aim to support small and medium-sized organizations to achieve their mandate of contributing towards sustainable development and growth of this country’s economy.


The goal is to become the leading human resources partner in this life long socio-economic development and sustainable growth journey for the benefit of the country.


As a business Consultancy firm operating in the service industry, our main focus is on identifying and providing the most effective solutions to the business challenges of our customers and clients. All our dealings with customers, our employees, and other stakeholders are characterized by ethical conduct. We subscribe to the highest standards of integrity, fairness, transparency, and professionalism in all our business relationships.


The philosophy is to build our business overtime on the solid foundation of well-trained, qualified, and competent professional practitioners, who do not only offer expert advice; but also provide and implement effective solutions that enable our customers and clients to obtain and maintain a competitive edge on the market place. We expect our people to display ethical conduct, show good faith, and comply with all applicable laws when dealing with our customers, suppliers, competitors, associates, and other stakeholders.  The growth and success of our business are based on providing valuable services and cooperating with our clients and customers.  Our team is there to listen, learn, and understand each customer’s needs before offering advice and/or providing services in the partnership to deliver on the mandate.

Our approach to human resources and employee relations is that the most important part of any organization is its people. No organization can function effectively without people. But people need to communicate and work with others to get the job done. Employers need to manage relationships with employees and other stakeholders to ensure that everyone plays their role to keep the business functioning smoothly. Organizations with good employee relations programs provide fair and consistent treatment to all employees, ensuring that they are committed to their jobs and loyal to the employer. Good employee relations programs are therefore part and parcel of strategies designed to ensure the most effective use of people to accomplish organizational mission, goals, and objectives. They are deliberate plans organizations use to help them gain and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. These programs, to be effective, must focus on those issues that motivate employees to perform at their best on the job. 

Research has shown that human resources strategies and programs that place a high value on employees as stakeholders are highly motivational and most effective in instilling employee loyalty and commitment to organizational goals and success.

Research has also shown that communication and recognition are by far the most important elements that underpin successful employee relationship programs. To feel engaged, employees need to be informed of what is going on within the organization. They must know management’s plans and the effect these plans will have.  Equally, organizations must conduct periodic employee performance reviews and provide opportunities for employee recognition.
Employees will be more engaged if they feel they are recognized for their ideas and performance.

Helping to create engaging, productive and profitable organizations.
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Helping to create engaging, productive and profitable organizations.
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