Strategic Partners

Where necessary and appropriate for the benefit of our customers and clients, XLK Consulting Services operates in conjunction and collaboration with the specialized strategic partners as listed below:

  • Lebea & Associates Attorneys Incorporated
    Ettrick Road
    Forest Town
  • Praxima Payroll Services
    64 Pitzer Road
    Glen Austin

Vivlia Publishers & Book Sellers (Pty) Limited

A group of companies conducting business in primary and tertiary education fields using conventional and digital platforms.

Conducted a full audit of the company’s HR policies and processes consisting of recruitment, performance management, training & development, and labour relations.

Audit outcome required a review of the company’s human resources policies & procedures, and the development of a code of conduct & disciplinary code for the group – 2018.

Kenilworth Racing (Pty) Limited

A company based in Cape Town and conducting business in the horseracing and sports betting.

Conducted a complete review of human resources policies, procedures, and practices. Redrafted the human resources policy manual and disciplinary code. 2018 – 2019

 Consulted with the company on restructuring, BEE, and general human resource management. – Ongoing

National Horseracing Authority of Southern Africa

– An organisation that represents and regulates breeding and racing of thoroughbred horses in Southern Africa. 

Reviewed entire company policy manual together with the code of conduct & disciplinary/ grievance.  2019.

Consulted with the organisation on human resource and labour relations matters. – ongoing

Phumelela Gaming & Leisure Limited

A Listed company conducting business in horseracing and sports betting.

Reviewed and redrafted the company’s labour relations manual, consisting of Recognition Agreement with collective bargaining structures, disciplinary, grievance and dispute resolution codes and procedures.

Trained personnel and other interested parties on the codes and procedures.

Consulted with the Company on the development and roll out of its vision, mission, and values to +_ 2000 employees. 2017-2018

Betting World (Pty) Limited

A company conducting business in fixed odds betting.

Integrated its payroll and benefits systems (salaries, wages, pension & provident fund). 2017.

Praxiama Payroll Services (Pty) Limited

Worked in collaboration with associate company in initiating the outsourcing payroll services of various client companies.

  • Trained various candidates on job description drafting, job evaluation and performance management systems. – Ongoing.

  • Drafted and submitted BEE and EE reports to the regulators on behalf of client companies. – Ongoing.

Empowerment Credentials

XLK Consulting Services is 100% black-owned, BEE Level 1 contributor, and an empowering supplier with a procurement recognition level of 135% in terms of the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Codes of Good Practice.  These credentials may benefit the empowerment scorecards of our clients and customers.