Our Service and Advice Offerings

As stated above, our company offers professional services and advice in human resource management, employee relations, and employment law. The value chain we operate in maybe broken down as tabulated below:

Why XLK Consulting Services

XLK Consulting Services offers a broad range of services and advice in human resources management, employment law, and employment equity, broad-based black economic empowerment, and payroll administration.

Our consultants are highly qualified and experienced in their fields to offer professional advice and high-quality service.

Our approach to human resources management is always strategic.

We align our human resources initiatives, programs, and interventions, to the mission, goals, and objectives of your organization.  For example, we would not advise a client to outsource payroll administration or employment equity reporting unless there was a clear strategic goal and benefit for both the organization and its employees in doing so.  Outsourcing should primarily be for strategic reasons that place the organization in a clear competitive advantage position in the marketplace.

Because we are a specialized organization, we have access to the latest technologies in the field. This enables us to offer our customers and clients the most effective and efficient solutions available.

We are a 100% BEE Level 1 Contributor. This may benefit those clients and customers who view black economic empowerment from a strategic perspective as against mere compliance with legal requirements.

We participate in and maintain membership of human resources and other related professional organizations. This keeps us informed of any new important developments in our field. We assure all potential clients and customers that choosing our organization will not be the last good decision made. Our services and advice are even better.